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Bass Performance Hall

Fort Worth is the seventeenth-largest city in the United States of America; chiefly recognized for its advanced art deco style buildings and architecture. One can unearth several traditional buildings that magnetize the tourists from all over to this hub of amusement. Be it for concerts, operas, musicals, sports- all such events are largely broadcasted in this amiable city quite frequently. By far, the most renowned architecture in the city, peddled as one of the most astounding opera houses in the world, Bass Performance Hall is a striking attraction located near Sundance Square.

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About Bass Performance Hall

This gleaming hall is constructed in a tiered mascot shape with tremendous acoustics and great Bass Hall. The hall comprises of 10 storeys and has total seating capacity of 2,056. Inaugurated in 1998, this hall occupies a whole city block. Designed by David M. Schwarz/Architectural Services, Inc. Bass performance Hall is an electrifying icon of a classic European opera house form. The Hall's acoustics were thought-out and implemented by the mastermind Jaffe Holden. Bass Hall hosts a range of events like opera, theatre, concerts. Built as a versatile facility, the hall is now the permanent venue for the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, Texas Ballet Theater, Fort Worth Opera. Revamping the exterior are two colossal limestone angels that add to the exclusivity to the building and owing to its limestone structure it has been called the "crown jewel of downtown Fort Worth".
Inside, the entrance hall is cemented with cut Italian marble that enthralls the senses of the visitors. In addition to the concerts and operas held by other companies and performers at the Bass Performance hall, it hosts its own shows as well. All year around the hall is occupied with much happening events that are a treat to the entertainment enthusiasts. The beautiful architecture along with the exclusive ambience offered by the venue makes all its events memorable for the spectators. Although typically Opera houses are built for the amusement of opera fans, but bass hall is the entertainment hub for musical activitie s at large. People of all age groups today yearn for good entertainment and Bass hall is one venue that can enhance the level of any performance with its amazing interior and sound system. The capacity of the hall is magnificent and the view is rather clear from all dimensions. Furthermore, bass performance hall has witnessed the most elite and unexpected events over the past few years which has elevated its significance as a venue. When lit up at night, the Italian marble floors and the hand painted ceiling appear even more extravagant. One is ought to keep track of all events at this flamboyant venue to get their Bass Hall Performance tickets !