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Finally, the WWE has come back to St. Louis! The Scottrade Center is set to host one of the most electrifying shows in the world, WWE SmackDown! The WWE needs no introduction, since the company is the premier wrestling promotion in the world and its televised shows are broadcast to millions of viewers worldwide. You now have a chance to watch their in house show, SmackDown, live. All you need to do is get WWE St Louis tickets today.

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SmackDown is WWE’s second flagship show after Monday Night Raw. The show debuted in 1999 and has been staged in seven different nations and 147 different cities since then. SmackDown celebrated its fifteenth anniversary in October 2014.

To make the show different from Raw, WWE chose a blue and white theme for the show, and a different set and titantron. Each individual show either builds upon, or introduces new storylines, angles and rivalries between the superstars. This adds to the continuity of the WWE’s weekly shows and makes the matchups between the wrestlers all the more interesting.

Post Draft Era

Recently, the WWE introduced separate rosters for its SmackDown and Raw brands as part of a brand extension initiative. This means that both shows will have their own storyline and angles and even have separate pay-per-view events. The WWE reintroduced this format for the first time since 2011. To catch this new version of SmackDown, get WWE St Louis tickets today.