In our everyday lives, boundaries and limits keep us in check, herding us with directional sign boards, social dos and don'ts, and a multitude of laws and legalities. However, the human psyche that seethes beneath the seemingly placid veneer is rearing to break through and prowl freely. And by getting your hands on some cheap WWE Raleigh tickets, you can witness what goes down when things go "over the limit".

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WWE has been smashing and bashing through everything ranging from chairs and tables to ribs, noses and teeth of the associated wrestling entities ever since its modern reincarnation at the onset of the '80s. The WWE Raleigh event will desperately try to contain the likes of john Cena, Batista, The Big Show, Jack Swagger, Edge and CM Punk raging around, but it will be an ambitious undertaking.
WWE let loose the Over The Limit franchise in 2010 when it put an end to the reckoning of Judgment Day. Staged in closed arenas, it is primarily made available through pay-per-view services similar to various other WWE shows and pitches wrestlers hailing from Raw or the SmackDown franchises in the lower-tiered and top-tiered bouts, with the championship showdowns slated to be held on each card.
With the seminal 2010 event being panned by the critics, the 2011 tried to salvage the waning popularity of the phenomenon by throwing in more feuds and plots cobbled together from previous storylines in the mix. To see what outrageous shenanigans this year's "limit crossing" holds, book your WWE Raleigh tickets now.

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