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Men in terrifying masks and sporting grim expressions on their faces might seem unsettling to many of us in our normal lives. But then again, a setting such as that of WWE’s RAW is far from being normal. The contenders appear as muscle-bound gladiators, ready to tear each other from limb to limb. The WWE Montgomery happening is going to be the tip of the iceberg of a phenomenon that has been raging across the world for the past two decades. RAW was unleashed upon millions of wrestling fans back in 1993 by Vince McMahon, WWE’s man in command.

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Featuring the legendary likes of Yokuzuna, Shawn Michael and The Undertaker in its very first episode, RAW soon became WWE’s flagship offering. It has been broadcast live from locations as diverse as the US, UK and Canada, along with Afghanistan and Iraq to boost up troop morale, and Germany, Japan, Italy and Mexico to unofficially portray American might and muscle.
Your cheap WWE Montgomery tickets are going to treat you to the testosterone-fueled bouts of 13 seasoned warriors from the WWE pool. However, the superstar likes of John Cena, CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler are going to steal the show with their signature moves. Whether it’s John Cena’s “Attitude Adjustment,” CM Punk’s G.T.S. (Go to Sleep) or “Anaconda Vise” or Ziggler’s “Zig Zag,” what goes down on the wrestling ring is going to blow your socks off. So latch onto some WWE Montgomery tickets to see a band of wrestling warriors strong-arm each other to the ground.