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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a privately controlled American company that deals in professional wresting around the world. RAW is an offspring of WWE. It is a script driven show with predetermined match outcomes. Its appeal lies in this theatrical style where an exciting exchange of dialogues and actions takes place between the wrestlers both in and outside the ring. WWE Grand Rapids tickets bring your favorite champions to the famous Van Andel Arena in the district of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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RAW made its debut twenty years ago on the USA Network. Since then it is aired on a weekly basis on Monday nights. Due to its immense popularity and high ratings, it is viewed as the flagship show of the company. Besides the thrilling confrontations of the wresters, the program also features RAW Girls who are there to back and support their side of the team. These females are disguised as specific characters which furthers adds to the show’s appeal. The program has been performed and broadcasted live from more than two hundred arenas in different countries around the world. These include America, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Africa as well as Mexico.
Van Andel Arena is home to various sports and other entertainment events. It has a seating capacity of over ten thousand attendees. The arena is now making special arrangements as the wresting champions land to entertain the audience with another magnificent show of action filled drama. So get your cheap WWE Grand Rapids and experience the live thrill of WrestleMania.