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A show that rewards on making the hardest punch and the most energetic move, WWE Smack Down is the second most watched network program at 9 pm. The wrestling superstars including Big Show, Curt Hawkins, Booker T and John Cena among a list of others get into the battle of power and ignite the stage with raging, harsh comments.

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WWE Smack Down
is a brand extension of the World Wide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) program. This categorization set a divide between the wrestlers fighting for RAW. WWE established the rule of contending each show by different specified wrestlers.
The show begins with the thrilling commentary by the host. The crowd in great anticipation of their heroes set their eyes at the entrance to have a single closer glance of them. As soon as the wrestlers make their appearance, the crowd roars with excitement. The show is all about these well-built wrestlers making energetic moves to let the contender down with power. The comments and statements of Vince McMahon add spice to every act making the show even more exciting.
WWE Smackdown is ready for a new episode, displaying the exceptional talents, live! At the championship people are giving their all to get seats closer to the ring to have a clearer view of their superstars. WWE Smackdown Kamloops Tickets are already on sale! So hurry and get them before it is too late!