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Let’s get ready to rumble because the sensational WWE Royal Rumble is back. Among the Big 4 pay per views of the organization, it is one unbelievable annual event that sets pulses racing everywhere.  The best in the business will step up and put on a show that will not be forgotten in a hurry. You can be a part of the fun and all you need in order to do that are the WWE Royal Rumble tickets.

About Wwe Royal Rumble

The WWE Royal Rumble is one unique pay per view event that is watched by millions of professional wrestling fans around the world. The show is held in January every year to mark the start of the year in style. There are normal singles matches as well as tag team matches but what makes it different form other pay per views is the main event, the exhilarating Royal Rumble match. It is a match that is inspired by the traditional Battle Royal format where multiple superstars fill up the ring and fight it out at the same time. It’s every man for himself and a participant needs to be thrown over the top rope with both his feet touching the ground for him to be ousted from the match. The only major difference between the Battle Royal and the Royal Rumble match is how the wrestlers enter the ring.
In Battle Royal all the participants come to the ring at the same time whereas in the Royal Rumble they arrive one after another with a gap of around ninety seconds or two minutes in between. The last man standing in the ring after all the others are tossed out is declared the winner who then gets a title shot of his choice, the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship, at the iconic Wrestlemania. The unpredictable chaotic nature of the match ensures fans buy WWE Royal tickets in thousands to make every event a sell-out.
The WWE Royal Rumble kicked off proceedings on 24th January, 1988 at the famous Copps Coliseum. That first event was given a pay per view billing so it was broadcasted as a TV show. Hall of famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan created history by becoming the first man to win the Royal Rumble. It was given the pay per view status it deserved the next year when it was held at The Summit in Houston Texas. That epic duel was won by Big John Studd. Since then the WWE Royal Rumble has gone from strength to strength to now be classified as one of the major sporting events of the year. Millions of fans from all around the world have tried to get their hands on the coveted Royal Rumble tickets to be a part of this remarkable spectacle. It wont be any different this year apart from the fact it is expected to be very thrilling this time around. WWE Royal Rumble tickets are available for you to buy and watch this great event like it should be watched, live at the arena.


Frequently Asked Questions

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A:Of course. You have to buy Royal Rumble Tickets before you can attend the event.

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