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The oldest martial art ‘Wrestling’ has been entertaining the action lovers since ages. World Wrestling Entertainment is the most popular and successful wrestling company which provides amazing wrestling shows that are watched by millions of fans worldwide. It has been in existence since 1952 and holds the wrestling competitions regularly. It runs two brands, Raw is one of the two wings of this sports entertainment wrestling program WWE, the other one being Smackdown. Both are wrestling competitions which take place on regular basis and follow a similar nature. Raw premiered in 1993 and it is a regular TV program which is aired every week on the USA network.

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The present theme song for ‘Raw brand’ is sung by Nickelback and titled as ‘Burn It to the Ground’. Raw is broadcasted for two hours, the first hour’s show is named as ‘Raw is Warand’ and the second one named as ‘Raw Zone’, but collectively the program is known as Raw. The very popular wrestling program Raw is watched on TV by millions of people around the world. People follow the championships regularly and the program is broadcasted live on many channels in various countries. The thrill seeking fans must be excited to watch such a sport live. It would be the most mesmerizing experience for all those who love wrestling. You can also be a part of the audience and enjoy the thrill and the aura that is created when you watch it live. Simply get your Raw Edmonton Tickets and enjoy the most exhilarating sport!