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Ever seen beasts sink their fangs into raw flesh and chew up their prey only to spit it out and see it writhing about? Well, unless you have gone on an African safari, you probably haven’t encountered such a scenario in the humdrum of your daily life. Well the RAW Dallas event is going to change all that. All you cowboys down in Dallas usually get off on bucking mares and bulls. However, your cheap RAW Dallas tickets are going to treat you to some beasts of mayhem that will blow your mind. This event is going to feature the who’s who in WWE’s current roster. From CM Punk and John Cena to Sheamus, Kane and Big Show, this spectacle is going to be one big bash with a whole lot of bashing!

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Kane instills terror with his grimacing war paint and demonic appearance, bringing down his victims with his signature “Chokeslam.” After all, he has been crowned the world champion three times, as well as become the World Heavyweight Champion and holding on to his title for one of the longest periods in WWE history. The Big Show also brings with him some big moves and body crunching grooves. His “KO Punch” and “Colossal Clutch” have seen him through to a bevy of titles from the World Heavyweight Champion and the WWE Champion to WWE Hardcore Champion and the Intercontinental Champion. Book some RAW Dallas tickets to have the WWE divas Layla and AJ Lee make your day with a small army of hulking wrestlers in town.

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