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The raw power and brute force displayed in muscle on muscle action is just what the doctor ordered for wrestling enthusiasts. And there is no better prescription for them than the WWE RAW Columbia event. Having being held and telecasted for some two odd decades on the USA Network, RAW has generated worldwide gruesome appeal, with even the boys overseas getting their special tributes.

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About WWE Raw Columbia Tickets

Created by Vince McMahon, the reigning chairman and CEO of the World Wrestling Entertainment, the first predecessor of the RAW Columbia phenomenon burst on-air in January 1993. It set precedents in “made for TV” wrestling events by being recorded with a live audience instead of taped matches that got reworked back in the studio with voiceovers and taped conversations.

Overpowering its seminal show, Prime Time Wrestling, RAW pitted wrestling legends such as The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Yokozuna in its first offering and went on grunting through its WWF Monday Night Raw format till 2002, going head-to-head with its TNA competitor WCW Monday Nitro. Nonetheless, the turn of the millennium saw a spike in RAW’s ratings as audiences demanded more gritty entertainment akin to the upcoming RAW Columbia showdown.

Memorable Raw moments depict a disheartened Bret “Hitman” Hart lashing out at the crowd following a Steel Cage Match loss back in 1997, and then unleashing his vehemence at Sid, The Undertaker and Steve Austin. And you can capture your own “Raw” footage by attending the RAW Columbia show.

So book your RAW Columbia tickets now for seeing some muscle bound performers let their bodies do the talking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can I get three wwe raw columbia sc tickets cheap?

A:Yes, you can get as many discounted Raw Columbia Tickets as you require.