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Even though wrestling is perhaps one of the oldest sports in the world, its popularity around the globe has nothing to do with its past. Even as far as the forties and fifties it was struggling for fame and if it wasn’t for the hard work of one family in particular, than now it would just be another sport in the Olympics. The McMahons were instrumental in creating the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Corporation and turn it into the influential sporting franchise it is today.  

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Time to expand

When Vince K. McMahon, the current owner of the WWE, joined the corporation, he realized that there were endless opportunities to turn the business in to a global empire. So he created Titan Sports, Inc in 1979 and consolidated his father and grandfather’s business into this new company. He then started to recruit some of the best wrestlers of the time and became one of the first people to broadcast fights on television.  

And reach for the stars

In 1985, McMahon organized the first ever WrestleMania and it became the first time that people from the entertainment industry attended a wrestling event, which in turn attracted large audiences. Almost twenty thousand people were in attendance, while over a million more saw the event on television, which at the time was the largest showing of an event on closed-circuit television in the country.

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