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World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE is the biggest professional wrestling promotion not just in the country but also in the rest of the world. It enjoys massive fan following in different countries all across the globe as it is broadcasted in over 145 countries in thirty different languages. As a result the programs by the World Wrestling Entertainment are witnessed by more than thirteen million fans in United States only. Being the biggest professional wrestling promotion in the world, like the rest of the professional wrestling promotions, WWE features staged contests. The shows that are broadcasted contain match ups that are based upon the stories and plots that are built around those match ups.

About WWE Hall of Fame Tickets

Currently WWE operates under two Brands that are Raw and Smackdown, each one of these shows have their separate storylines, a separate roster as well as the champions. After every four weeks or so, it also stages a special event that is broadcasted on pay-per-view. One of those Pay-Per-View events is the WWE Hall of Fame. It inducts all the big names from the history of professional wrestling and honors them with its hall of fame.
WWE Hall of Fame saw its official creation back on February 1, 1993, when it was broadcasted on the World Wrestling Federation’s Monday Night Raw. On that program, WWE Hall of Fame saw the addition of only one inductee who was Andre the Giant, hence making him the first ever professional wrestler to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. This was done five days after the death of Andre the Giant, hence his death became one of the main reasons why the company sought to form a Hall of Fame. Since then, WWE Hall of Fame has been regular tradition, and as the upcoming edition of the program is just around the corner, grab your cheap WWE Hall of Fame tickets today.
The second and third Hall of Fame ceremonies were held in 1994 and 1995 respectively and they were held along with the King of the Ring pay per view event. In 1996, WWE Hall of Fame took place alongside the Survivor Series pay per view. After that edition of Hall of Fame, it was put on hold for some time. WWE Hall of Fame saw its re-launch later in 2004 when it was held in conjunction with the WrestleMania XX. Although the ceremony was not broadcasted on television it still came out on DVD later that year. The following year in 2005, WWE broadcasted the final few inductions of the ceremony on the Television. The first ever live broadcast of the ceremony took place in 2008 when it was televised on USA Network. As of 2012 about 107 wrestlers have been inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. The count of inductees is bound to increase, so as it does this year, be a part of the ceremony with WWE Hall of Fame tickets. 

If you are a wrestling fan then watch your favorite wrestling stars being inducted into the hall of fame. Get your WWE Hall of Fame tickets and explore this amazing place. The WWE Hall of Fame is a famous hall of fame for wrestling personalities that play on a professional level. The hall of fame is managed by the known World Wrestling Entertainment. On the 1st of February in 1993, it was officially formed on the episode that was of the World Wrestling Federation’s (WWF) television program known as Monday Night Raw. On this specific episode the WWF gave an announcement of the induction of Andre the Giant as being the sole personality representing the WWE to be first inducted into the hall of fame. Andre the Giant had unfortunately passed away just five days before the announcement was made. His death was the main motivation behind creating the hall. The years that followed saw great ceremonies being hosted in collaboration with the yearly King of the Ring events, in 1994 and 1995. However, in 1996, a ceremony was held for the hall with the Survivor Series 1996, after this the Hall of Fame went on a break.
Then in 2004, the Hall of Fame was once more re-launched in association with WWE in correspondence with WrestleMania XX. Just like before, this ceremony was not broadcasted live on television, but on the 1st of June in 2004 the coverage of the event came out on a DVD. A year later in 2005, the ceremony that took place that year was broadcasted on Spike TV as well as on the popular USA Network. The event was aired successfully on tape delay. This was eventually followed by WWE’s official website broadcasting the first inductions. The 2008 Hall of Fame ceremony was the first to be broadcasted live on the USA Network.
Even though a building to represent the Hall of Fame has not been constructed to date yet the organizers of WWE have carefully been looking into building a facility that will serve the purpose of the WWE Hall of Fame 2013. Shane McMahon, who was the previous Executive Vice President of the famed Global Media that represents WWE, announced in 2008 that WWE had been fruitfully storing all the memorabilia of wrestling in a storehouse for many years. Statistics show that since 2012, the total number of inductees in the Hall of Fame have been about 107 of which 6 are tag teams, 84 members who have been inducted individually, one wrestling family and one stable. With your WWE Hall of Fame 2017 tickets in your hands, we give you our word that you will experience an exciting time at this world class facility that will be memorable. 

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