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WrestleMania, the mega annual pay per view event held by World Wrestling Entrainment allures millions of wrestling and contact sports fans from around the globe. The yearly edition of the most watched wrestling event has become a major tradition in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. The twenty-ninth edition of this pay per view event, WrestleMania XXIX, is all set to enthrall and fascinate audience this season. As always, it will feature wrestlers and the culmination of storylines that have already been established throughout the season by the popular WWE brands, "SmackDown" and "Raw". Scheduled to be held in New Jersey, the show is expected to cause the MetLife Stadium to be flooded by fans. This is particularly because WWE markets the annual WrestleMania as the biggest event of their season and fans of the promotion recognize it as such. Subsequently, there is little doubt about the claim that viewers are already eager to pounce on the opportunity to purchase WrestleMania XXIX tickets.

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About Wrestlemania XXIX

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. is known to be the leading entertainment corporation based on professional wrestling since it not only has a fan base of about thirteen million in America alone but it is also broadcasted in over a hundred countries. Initiated in 1952 as Capitol Wrestling Corporation, the company was purchased by Titan Sports in 1982. It was in 2002 that it eventually came to be known as the World Wrestling Entertainment, with Connecticut being the home of its headquarters. Today, the company runs two weekly programs that are considered two separate brands and are called "Raw" and "SmackDown". Each of them portrays wrestling matches but with a plot woven into the broader context; by attributing heroic or villainous characteristics to wrestlers, orchestrating dramatic on-screen confrontations to spark off rivalries or alliances and even determining the outcome of matches. Moreover, even the moves made by the wrestlers (or ‘characters’, considering the sketched nature of the program) are often rehearsed well before the show is aired. The WrestleMania XXIX event is being highly anticipated by fans and audiences who eagerly wait to get hold of cheap WrestleMania XXIX tickets this season.
The WrestleMania XXIX event will combine and merge the superstars of both the famous brands together. Raw is famous as the fifth oldest weekly wrestling program on television. Having been organized at about two hundred distinct venues in nine countries, its thousandth episode is just around the corner. Up till now, a total of six seasons have been broadcasted. The current opening theme of the show is “Burn It To The Ground” by "Nickelback". On the other hand, SmackDown has fourteen seasons to its credit that consist of over six hundred episodes. Currently broadcasted on Wednesday nights, the show opens with “Know Your Enemy” by "Green Day" as the theme song. Occasionally the storylines incorporated by each of the brands are manipulated to overlap in order to spice the plot up. This is especially true for the pay-per-view events, such as "No Way Out", "Extreme Rules" and "Royal Rumble" that occur each month and are common for both brands.
Proposed by "Vince McMahon" (the CEO and Chairman), WrestleMania was first witnessed by fans in 1985 in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. Twenty-eight editions have been produced since then and now the WrestleMania XXIX is all set to woo the audiences. Over the course of time, the WrestleMania has become the most anticipated and celebrated of all PPV. So much so that the WWE season is thought to begin or end with the broadcast of the WrestleMania. The record for the indoor sports occasion with the most number of attendees was held by the third edition of WrestleMania for almost twenty-three years due to the huge number of crowd at Pontiac Silverdome in March 1987. Over the years, the popularity of the event reached new frontiers due to the participation of multiple celebrities. Singers and musicians have graced the anticipated show with not only their mere presence but performances as well.
Therefore, it does not come as a shock that in the last decade all WrestleMania tickets were sold out within hours of their release. Undoubtedly, no fan of wrestling would want to miss the biggest pay-per-view event of the season. Purchasing WrestleMania XXIX tickets, as soon as they come out is the only way to ensure attendance and would prevent one from regretting later on.

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Q:Are wrestlemania xxix tickets prices negotiable?

A:No, Wrestlemania Xxix Tickets prices are fixed and non-negotiable.

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