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The world’s most popular and exciting game of football becomes even more breathtaking when it involves two of the world’s greatest teams,

Mexico vs. Paraguay.

The two teams have great potential as well as professional rivalry that makes their competition more entertaining.

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About Mexico vs Paraguay

Mexico’s national football team is ranked at number 27 by FIFA World Rankings and represents its nation in association football. It is controlled by Feredacion Mexicana de Futbol (Mexican Football Federation) and plays its home games at Estadio Azteca. Currently the team’s captain is Rafaed Marquez while head coach is Jose Manuel de la Torre. Playing with the FIFA code MEX, the team has qualified consecutively for FIFA world cups since 1994 and has a record of total 14 world cup qualifications. The team has a ranking of number 11 in World Football Elo Ratings. The team plays under jurisdiction of North American confederation titled CONCACAF.

The history of football as an official game in Mexico dates back to 1927 when a body to govern and regulate football in the country was formed. The team participated in an international event for the first time at 1928 Summer Olympics, while its first qualification for FIFA world cup was in 1930. After the second world war, the team stayed out of world cup events for a long time before appearing in 1950 FIFA World Cup where again its performance was not remarkable. The team remained moving in and out of the world cups for subsequent years until 1994 after which they have consecutively qualified for world cup events till present date.

 One of their traditional rivals in FIFA has been Paraguay, a team representing Paraguay and controlled by Associacion Paraguaya de Futbol (Paraguay Football Association). This team has a history to qualify for world cup finals consecutively four times since 1998 but has remained unable to win a final. The only major tournaments they have won were Copa America finals in 1953 and 1979.


The official organization to control football in Paraguay was formed in 1906. The first national team was formed in 1910, which appeared in Copa America for the first time in 1921. Their first FIFA world cup appearance was in 1930 at Uruguay. The team could not manage to reach the second stage in that event. Their first Copa America victory came in 1953 when they won the finals after defeating Brazil.

 Currently the team is coached by Gerardo Martino while Denis Caniza is the captain. They play their home games at Estadio Defensores del Chaco, and have FIFA code PAR. Their confederation is South American CONMEBOL. Paraguay is ranked at number 24 on FIFA world rankings and at number 20 on Elo Rankings. The team has also won a Silver medal at 2004 Athens Olympics. Some of the great players that have played for Paraguay in the past include Carlos Gamarra, Denis Caniza, Roberto Acuna, Jose Saturnino Cardoz, Roque Santa Cruz, Julio Cesar Romero and Celso Ayala. One of their moments that this team has to cherish was their great win over Bolivia in 1949 with a score of 7-0.

The two teams have been coming face to face in the past as well, entertaining the fans with great neck to neck competitions. Both teams have players with wonderful records and great football skills. Mexico vs. Paraguay tickets offer a whole new world of excitement and thrill to football fans, as both teams have talent as well as potential to create upsets in any event. You can never predict the outcome of a game played by these teams, owing to the fact that both have very strong as well as weak points, and this fact makes their interaction more interesting and breathtaking for the spectators. Both teams are backed by football loving nations, so the stadiums are usually packed with spectators when an event is going on, and atmosphere is out of this world with the crowd going mad at every move by the players. As a whole, Mexico vs. Paraguay event is expected to enjoy great attendance by the audience.

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