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Football fans from around the world have eagerly been waiting for the biggest football extravaganza this year, the FIFA World Cup. FIFA World Cup is the clash of national teams of thirty two countries, going at each other for the crown of world champions. FIFA World Cup takes place after every four years, which is why the stakes could not get any higher than this for each team. FIFA World Cup 2014 will mark the 20th edition of the event that will take place in Brazil. This international football mayhem will see its start on June 12, 2014. Since the inception of the event, 2014 FIFA World Cup will be the second time that Brazil will be hosting the event. Last time the country played host to FIFA World Cup in 1950.

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This year thirty two countries will be taking part in the tournament after coming out victorious in the qualification rounds. The qualification rounds started off in 2011. During the course of the World Cup tournament, fans will get to see sixty four matches being played across twelve cities in Brazil. The tournament will initially start off with the group stage then progress on to the knockout stage. The group stage will feature teams divided up into eight groups and sixteen top teams will then progress towards the knockout stage.

In the round of sixteen, the winners of one group will go up against the runners up of the group that follows. For example the first Round of 16 game will take place between the winners of Group A and the runner-up of Group B on June 28, 2014. The winners of round of 16 will then progress to the quarterfinals and the first quarterfinal will have winner of match 49 going up against the winner of match 50 on July 4, 2014. The 2014 World Cup Match 58 W53 vs. W54 will also take place on July 4 in Rio de Janeiro at Estadio Do Maracana. The quarterfinals round will have two matches take place per day. If you wish to be a part of history in the making and catch the second quarterfinal, then grab your 2014 World Cup Match 58 W53 tickets before it’s too late. After the quarterfinals, four teams will progress to semifinals which will then lead to the finals.


The upcoming edition of World Cup will also be featuring the Goal-line technology for the very first time. In 2012, the usage of Goal-line technology was approved by IFAB following the mistake that was made in the game between England and Germany in Round of 16 where England was denied a legitimate goal. After the use of Goal-line technology in 2014, FIFA World Cup will become the fourth FIFA competition to use that technology.


FIFA World Cup took place for the very first time in 1930, and the 2014 edition of the tournament will be is 20th. During the years 1942 and 1946, FIFA World Cup didn’t take place due to the Second World War. So far, the World Cup has been played for nineteen times, and over the years eight different national teams have taken home the championship crown. Brazil leads the pack with five FIFA World Cup championships while Italy follows closely with four championship titles. Other teams who have won the championship include West Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, England, France and Spain. Spain will be entering the forthcoming tournament as the reigning champions.


FIFA World Cup is among some of the most watched sporting events in the world. It is known for attracting the attention of millions of fans from around the globe. An estimated number of 715.1 million fans witnessed the final of 2006 FIFA World Cup that took place in Germany. Following the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the forthcoming World Cup tournaments will take place in Russia in 2018 and in Qatar in 2022.


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