2014 World Cup Match 55 1F Tickets

Year 2014 marks the return of the international men’s football tournament. The 2014 FIFA World Cup celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the tournament in Brazil. The games will begin on 12 June and after a series of thrilling matches back to back, it will close on 13 July. This is the second time that Brazil is hosting the competition, the last time it did was back in 1950. So pack your bags and visit Brazil this summer with your sports buddies. But before that, get 2014 World Cup match 55 1f tickets so that you can enjoy the round of 16. Match number 55 will be played by the winner of Group F and Runner-up of Group E. Make sure you get your tickets in time because if you miss this chance, you’ll have to wait another four years.

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About 2014 World Cup Match 55 1F


National teams from thirty one countries participated in the qualification competitions that started in June 2011. All these teams strived towards one goal - to make it to the host nation Brazil for the final tournament. A total of sixty-four matches are scheduled to be played all across Brazil. The matches are going to take place in twelve different cities at stadiums that are either new or newly re-developed. This year’s games bring in something new for the World Cup Finals. In order to support the decision making, state-of-the-art goal line technology is introduced in these matches for the very first time. This technology is also referred to as the Goal Decision System.


The league of world champions who qualified for the first World Cup in 1930 has successfully made it to the competition this year as well. The teams include Germany, Argentina, Italy, Spain, England, Uruguay and France. With the tournament being awarded to Brazil, it can be easily said that football is going home. Football has its roots embedded in Britain but Brazilians are the ones who have perfected the game. These passionate players have elevated the game to such an extent that it has become as scared as a religion to them and not just a game. The players clad in blue have displayed astounding skill set on the ground and have created some of the most memorable moments.


The participating teams are aiming for the trophy but it doesn’t make the prize money any less stimulating. Each of the teams who participate for the tournament will receive at least eight million US dollars. The World Champions will be awarded with prize money of thirty-five million dollars whereas the losing finalist team will get twenty five million dollars. The teams who will be defeated in the round of 16 will be given nine million dollars and the quarter finalists would be getting fourteen million dollars. The clubs hosting the games for the players will be given seventy million dollars as a reimbursement for costs such as insurance and expenditure. This money will be distributed to the respective clubs through their national associations. In totality, FIFA will be creating a new record of allocating funds worth five hundred and seventy six million dollars. This record is higher than that of South Africa which amounted to four hundred and twenty million dollars.


In 2010 edition, FIFA experienced overwhelming success of the FIFA Fan Fests. Given the great success, each of the host cities in Brazil will be holding FIFA Fan Fests as well. Fan Fests are basically the events organized by FIFA in collaboration with its partners. The program allows thousands of fans to watch the game on locations that have huge LED displays which screen the matches for live viewing. The concept of Fan Fests was first introduced in 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. Do visit the Arena de Sao Paulo in Itaquera to enjoy spectacular football games live, it is one of the three biggest clubs in Sao Paulo. Don’t forget to take your World Cup match 55 1f tickets before you leave though.


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