2014 World Cup Match 25 Switzerland Tickets

Winning the silver medal at the 1924 Olympics and reaching the quarter-finals of World Cup thrice, the Swiss national football team is among the most promising teams in this year’s FIFA World Cup. Although the team has never been able to bag the trophy of World Championship, it is still counted among the most talented and proficient soccer teams of the world. Who knows this year their efforts might earn them the truly deserving World Cup trophy? Switzerland is a country whose youth soccer teams have proven themselves time and again along with their national team. Such amalgamation of talent for the upcoming World Cup matches can easily put a win in their cards. In order to see this capable team’s performance live from the stadium, all you need to do is to buy the 2014 World Cup Match 25 Switzerland tickets before the stocks deplete.

Buy 2014 World Cup Match 25 Switzerland Tickets

About 2014 World Cup Match 25 Switzerland


The Swiss Football Association came into formation in 1895 and also happens to be one of the founding members of the international governing body of soccer, FIFA. Being one of the most popular games in the country, there is an extensive league system of football in Switzerland. The country’s premier men’s competition is referred to as the ‘Swiss Super League’. The 2006 FIFA World Cup saw a very young lineup of performers who presented a very graceful game. Although the team could not win the title, the Swiss players indeed marked their stature in soccer world.


The recent history of the team also paints a rather hopeful picture for the fans regarding their favorite team’s performance this season. In the last World Cup held in 2010, Switzerland finished off first in their group; ahead of Israel, Latvia and Greece in the qualification stage. All three of these are great teams with decent records, and surpassing all of them was a remarkable achievement for the Swiss team. Interestingly, in the group stage, the Swiss team defeated the Spaniards who were eventually the World Cup winners in that season. Switzerland national football team has all the skills needed to beat even the best of the teams. There is no reason not to expect that this time around Swiss team can sweep all others to claim the trophy.


This forthcoming 20th FIFA World Cup is going to unfold many surprises for the football fans all over the world. One of such surprising turn of events could be the Swiss team putting up a fierce enough play and gaining the title of Champions. There are reasons to expect such a chance. In the recently played friendly match against Croatia, Switzerland’s 21-year-old Josip Drmic displayed outstanding talents by scoring his first two goals for the Swiss team. Josip is not the only one in the team with incredible acuity for soccer. In fact the complete lineup of players this season is renowned for its practice, skills and proficiency in football.


The upcoming match between Switzerland and France is the new attraction for soccer fans. The 25th match in the World Cup is bringing two very unpredictable yet very dedicated football teams against each other. French team is as famous for its volatile relations with other teams as it is for its own game. Because of historical rivalries with Belgium, Brazil, England, Germany and Spain, the upcoming match will not only see the Swiss supporters for the Swiss team, but legions of international fans will also be looking up to the Switzerland team. This interesting combat is going to take place in Salvador, at Arena Fonte Nova. With a capacity for more than fifty thousand people, the venue suits perfectly for such a thrilling game. All in all the Swiss team is all set to bring out an exciting game with a single motive of winning. If you wish to watch this fascinating team in a live game against France, then rush to get your World Cup Match 25 Switzerland tickets before the stocks deplete.


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