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The 2014 FIFA World Cup is taking place in Brazil and is the twentieth tournament of its kind. This world famous soccer tournament, the world's most watched event, has been taking place every four years since the beginning of the twentieth century. This time around, it features some of the best teams in soccer, each representing a country from around the world. The 2014 World Cup Match 19 Spain is one of the matches that is set to take place in this tournament and will pit the Spanish national soccer team against Chile's national soccer team. For this match, 2014 World Cup Match 19 Spain tickets are available to see the match in all its glory, live.

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The Spanish national soccer team is a member of the Real Federacion Espanola de Futbol, otherwise known as REEF. It is a member of the UEFA confederation which covers European teams. Vicente del Bosque is the team's head coach. Unsurprisingly, Casillas is also the team's record holder for the most caps, at one hundred and fifty three. David Villa is the team's top scorer, with fifty six goals to his name. Today, the Spanish national soccer team is ranked Number One in FIFA and has been ranking at first position consistently since 2008.


At the 2014 World Cup Match 19 Spain, the Spanish team is set to face the Chilean national soccer team. As the best national team in the FIFA, Spain played its first international match against Denmark, defeating them soundly by 1–0. Its biggest win so far has been against the Bulgarian national soccer team, which it defeated by an astounding 13–0. As the current reigning FIFA World Cup champions, Following their 2010 FIFA World Cup win, the team has played in fourteen World Cup tournaments.


The Spanish side has also won the UEFA European Championship a record three times; the last two wins being in 2008 and 2012. This was out of a total of nine appearances in the European Championship. Spain's national soccer team has also had ten appearances at the Summer Olympics, where they won the Gold Medal once. The team has also played in two Confederations Cup and emerged as the runner–up in 2013. In addition to winning gold at the Olympics, the team has also won silver twice; once at the Antwerp Olympics and then at the Sydney Olympics.


Nicknamed The Red One and The Fury, this is a team that has been part of FIFA even before the Spanish Football Federation was formed. Overall, its senior and youth teams have bagged a record seventy three international titles, as well as numerous national championships. As the reigning European and World champions in soccer, they have also won the Euro 2008 tournament. Thus, the Spanish national soccer team is the only team in the world to have consecutively won the continental championship and the World Cup. This is, thus, the team Chile will have to face at the upcoming 2014 World Cup Match 19 Spain match.


The Spanish side was undefeated from 2006 to 2009, making a record for the most undefeated matches in thirty five consecutive games, until their defeat at the hands of none other than the US national soccer team. In short, this is team many rank among the best ever international teams to play world soccer. The World Cup champions have also won one Universiade championship and two Mediterranean Games. In addition to three UEFA European Championship titles, they have also emerged as the runner–up once. Similarly, they have ranked second and third at the FIFA Confederations Cup, pitting champions in the various UEFA Confederations against others. That is why this is a team to catch live after buying 2014 World Cup Match 19 Spain tickets.


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