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The 2014 World Cup Match 17 Brazil, the seventeenth match to be held this year as part of the twentieth FIFA World Cup will see the host of tournament face the team from Mexico. FIFA World Cup is the biggest soccer event in the world and the greatest in all sports in the world. Its viewership surpasses even that of the Super Bowl. Watched by more than a billion people worldwide, it is set to take place in Brazil this year. Much like the Olympics, this soccer tournament takes place every four years and features the best teams in pro soccer, each representing a country. Thirty two such teams have qualified for the cup this time around. Brazil, the host, will face Mexico's team in a match for which 2014 World Cup Match 17 Brazil tickets are available for sale.

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FIFA World Cup 2014, taking place in twelve Brazilian cities, will have countries participating from five confederations. This includes all nations who have won the FIFA World Cup; Brazil itself, Argentina, France, Spain, Italy, Uruguay and Germany. The 2014 World Cup Match 17 Brazil match is one of sixty four matches set to be held this year with teams divided into eight groups. This year, goal–line technology will be used for the first time ever. The defending champion is Spain, which defeated the Netherlands in the 2010's World Cup Finals to win the World Cup championship.  


All of the four World Cups held in South America has been won by teams from South America. This year, Brazil is by far the number one contender for winning the tournament and is already the Number One team according to FIFA rankings. This is, after all, a team that has won a mind blowing five FIFA World Cups. It is a member of the Confederacao Brasileira de Futebol and the South American confederation of soccer, CONMEBOL. The team's head coach is Luiz Felipe Scolari with renowned soccer player Cafu holding the record for the most caps at one hundred and forty two. Yet another famous soccer player, Pele, holds the record for the most goals scored at seventy seven. These are players who will be seen yet again, playing in the 2014 World Cup Match 17 Brazil against the Mexico national soccer team.


The first international match played by Brazil's team took place in 1914, against Argentina's national soccer team. Their biggest win so far has been against Nicaragua's national soccer team, who they defeated by a breathtaking 14–0. Brazil has played in all FIFA World Cups ever held, all twenty of them. The team is also the most successful in the world in the FIFA World Cup, having won a record five World Cups. The last of these was won in 2002, much to joy of the team's many fans in the world. Brazil has also appeared thirty three times in the Copa America and won the championship eight times.


Similarly, the national soccer team has participated in thirteen Copa Roca tournaments and has won ten of them, the last of which were won in 2011 and 2012. They have also played in the CONCACAF Gold Cup three times and emerged as the runners–up twice. They have also played in the Confederations Cup seven times, winning the cup four times; in 1997, in 2005, in 2009 and in 2013. The team has won Gold five times in the World Cup, Silver twice and Bronze twice.


As the most successful soccer team in FIFA, the Brazilian national soccer team has also won the largest number of Confederations Cup and are the current reigning champions. They also hold the distinction of being the only team to play in all FIFA World Cup tournaments ever held. Similarly, they also have the highest average all–time ranking in the Football Ello Rankings. Yet another world record in the team's list of world records is being the only winner of the FIFA World Cup in four different continents; two times in North America, once in Europe, once in Asia and once in South America. The team also holds the record of thirty five matches undefeated, consecutively, tying with Spain on that account.


It is undoubtedly one of the most glorious teams in the world, a must see live in this match after purchasing 2014 World Cup Match 17 Brazil tickets.


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