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Canadian Women’s Open Golf Tournament is a women’s professional golf tournament that is primarily operated by the known Golf Canada. The event has been a national championship of Canada’s since 1973 and is placed as an official event on the known LPGA Tour. If you are a fan of golf or would like to be a part of an exciting live sports event then this is the best time to get your Canadian Womens Open Golf tickets and enjoy a thrilling action packed tournament of golf that will be truly memorable.

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About Canadian Womens Open Golf 7 Day Pass

The history of the event is quite intriguing. For the initial six years of the tournament, it was a three round championship which meant 54-hole play. However, since 1978, it changed to a four round tournament that comprised of a 72-hole play. This fantastic event was amongst the few that were featured on the four major championships of the esteemed LPGA Tour from 1979 till 2000. In 2001, it was effectively swapped on the roster of LPGA by the known Women’s British Open, that happens to be an already existing tournament and was a major on the renowned Ladies European Tour.
The Canadian Women’s Open successfully became the final champion event of the celebrated LPGA season in 2007 and also in 2008. This win of the event made it into becoming an automatic berth in the season finale championship of the LPGA Tour Championship. Nevertheless, rules were changes in 2009 and now the LPGA does not utilize this format to determine the players who will be qualifying for the Tour Championship. The Canadian Women’s Golf tournament was ranked as the third richest sports event on the LPGA Tour from 2007 till 2009. The event was just behind the prominent U.S. Women’s Open as well as the illustrious Evian Masters event that is held in France.  In 2010 and 2012, the prize fund of the tournament was reduced, yet the $2 million purse stands as being the highest one on the roster of the LPGA Tour.
Originally the tournament was called La Canadienne, it was later renamed as Peter Jackson Classic and also the du Maurier Classic. 2001 saw the Bank of Montreal taking over the sponsorship of the tournament for five years. When that happened, it was called the BMO Canadian Women’s Open. The Canadian National Railway Company gained the title sponsorship of the event in 2006 and since then it is known as the CN Canadian Women’s Open.
You can now book your Canadian Womens Open Golf 7 Day Pass tickets and indulge in a fascinating sports event that will be unforgettable and a lot of fun to attend. The vibrant energy witnessed at the event and the thrilling energy of the event will surely leave you with countless moments to treasure. 

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