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Volleyball has been around since 1895 and was first played in Holyoke, United States. It is a team sport in which two teams, having six players each confront each other, on a Volleyball court which is eighteen meters in length and nine meters in width and is equally divided into two equal halves, with a net in the center. The game commences with a ‘rally’ which simply means serving of the ball by one player on one of the teams. The player throws the ball while not crossing the boundary line of the court and hence the ball eventually goes over the net and lands in the opposing team’s domain. The opponents then have to keep the ball from hitting the ground, and the game moves forward. Each team is allowed to touch the ball thrice but touching it twice in a row is against the rules. The players usually hit the ball with hands and arms but on several occasions push it with any part of the body, which does not defy the rules. Volleyball consists of a vast array of rules and techniques which have gone through several transformations over the passage of years. There are basically six techniques that a team has to get a grip on; serve, pass, set, attack, block and dig. One has to go above and beyond to master these techniques as they are no child’s play. Buy Volleyball tickets and experience the real thrill of the sport as it is undoubtedly one of the most popular team sports in the world.
Initially Volleyball was called Mintonette, invented by William G. Morgan and was played as an indoor game without being bound by infinite rules and techniques, unlike today. It was a blend of tennis and handball and later evolved into what it is today. There are innumerable variations of Volleyball that have emerged over the years; Beach volleyball, Shooting volleyball, Sitting volleyball, Blind volleyball, Nine-man volleyball, Wallyball, Footvolley, Footbag net, Newcomb ball, Sepak tekraw, Soft volleyball, and Beach aquatic bvolleyball are just a few among countless variations.
In 2001, Federation Internationale de Volleyball(FIVB) came up with a list of some of the greatest ever Volleyball players, both men and women; Charles ‘Karch’ Kiraly, Lorenzo Bernardi, Tomas Wojtowicz, Konstantin Reva, Joseph Musil, Katsutoshi Nekoda, Hugo Conte, and Renan Dalzotto were among the men Volleyball players who fit the bill for being the greatest. However, among the women, Regla Torres, Lang Ping, Fernanda Venturini and Inna Ryskal were the chosen ones. However these are not the only champions the sport has produced there have been various players( men and women), coaches, officials and leaders whose undying efforts have not only paid off in taking the popularity of the sport to a new level, but have also paved the way for heightened fan following worldwide; Aleksandar Savin, Lorenzo Bernardi, Vladimir Grbic, Gabriela Perez del Solar, Shelda Bede, Adriana Behar, Rita Crockett, Magalay Carvajal, Hubert Wagner, Hugo Conte, Dr. Endre Holvay, Paul Libaud, Vladimir Sawine and Frantisek Stibitz are among the present who have been honored with Volleyball Hall of Fame. Also, Volleyball entered the Summer Olympic Games that occur every four years, which the sport has been part of since 1964.
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