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Make your way to the next fighting competition that is being held by Ultimate Fighting Championship at the Prudential Center located in Newark. Become a part of the UFC 159 Jon Jones event where you will be able to see two of Ultimate Fighting Championship’s fiercest competitors battle it out. Enthusiasts have the opportunity to get cheap UFC 159 Jon Jones tickets as they are now up for grabs.

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About UFC 159 Jon Jones Newark Tickets

UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship which is the biggest martial arts competitive company of the world. It was founded in the year 1993, by Rorion Gracie and the debut competition held by the company took place in the same year in the city of Denver. Currently constituting of eight divisions, UFC is known to hold events and fights that are usually held in either one of the seven main categories that include “The Ultimate Fighter Finale” event, “Numbered Events”, “UFC Live on versus” events, “UFC on Fuel TV” and “Ultimate Fight Night Live” events. The upcoming UFC 159 Jon Jones fight falls under the category of the “Numbered Events”. Enforcing the International Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, UFC competitions usually hold up to eleven fights in one event. However, this number isn’t fixed as the number of fights per event can increase or decrease depending on the injuries that are inflicted upon each fighter.
A few of the current reigning champions of various titles awarded by the UFC company include Cain Velasquez who won the title of Heavyweight champion back in 2012, Jon Jones the Light Heavyweight champion as of 2011, Anderson Silva the Middleweight champion defending this title since the year 2006, Benson Henderson the Lightweight champion since 2012 and Jose Aldo, the Featherweight champion since 2010. This time, fans have a chance to see the Light Heavyweight champion, the magnificent Jon Jones as he engages in a teeth clenching fight. To determine your attendance at the fight, all that needs to be done is for you to buy UFC 159 Jon Jones tickets within due course of time.
For those who wish to know, Jon Jones full named Jonathan Dwight Jones and popularly known by his nickname “Bones”, is a professional mixed martial arts fighter. Born back in the year 1987, Jones is currently signed as one of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s fighters, known to compete in the category of Light Heavyweight Championship. As of the year 2011, when he was able to win this title, Jones became the youngest fighter in UFC’s history to win it. Weighing a massive ninety three kilograms, with a height of six feet and four inches, Jones has a reach of up to eight five inches. With training being provided by the legendary Greg Jackson, Bones started fighting back in the year 2008. Scoring a total of seventeen wins out of the eighteen fights he has competed in, Jones has just lost once during his entire fighting career. Watch this Light Heavyweight champion defeat his title at the upcoming event held by the UFC. Purchase your UFC 159 Jon Jones tickets today.