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It is time from the MMA Nation to hail and become a part of the raging mania of UFC 136. It is going to be one the most awaited mixed martial arts fights of the season. UFC 136 will be the mixed martial arts spectacle worth being excited for. This Ultimate Fighting Championship is known for its deadliest combats with practically no rules at all. For this fight again, the same kind of thrill is plummeting where fighters will be putting everything on stake to save their honor. UFC 136 Tickets indices are already upticking, reflecting the high expectations of the fans with this fight.

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About UFC 136

UFC 136 will be featuring some of the world renowned fighters. This fire crackling event will be held on October 8, 2011. It is expected to be a hard hitting competition divided into two championship bouts. The most awaited bout of UFC 136 will be Lightweight Championship. This will be a trilogy between Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar. Gray Maynard has never tasted defeat in the history of Ultimate Lightweight Fighting Championship. This is the reason people know him as the “Bully” in the fighting circles. On the other hand, Frankie Edgar is the current UFC Lightweight Champion ranking at number one position. Will he let the title slip away from him this year or will this be the end of Gray Maynard’s winning streak?

The second championship bout will be among the Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo, and cerebral fighter Kenny Florian. UFC 136 will be featuring other exciting fights as well. The fights mentioned on their preliminary card include Jeremy Stephens vs. Anthony Pettis in the Lightweight bout and Stipe Miocic vs. Joey Beltran in the Heavyweight bout. In the main card, middleweight fight Chael Sonnen will be fighting against Brian Stann. The second fight of the same bout will be between Brazilian fighters Demian Maia and Jorge Santiago.

UFC 136 will be held at the Toyota Center which is known as the hub of entertainment in the downtown Houston. It is an indoor arena which was incorporated in October 2003.The arena has been hosting successful sporting events and entertainment concerts since the date of incorporation. It is a permanent home for the NBA champs Houston Rockets.  It has also been a favorite spot for WWE professional wrestling competitions. Toyota Center most recently held exciting Smackdown events and RAW events. The fights of UFC 69 were also fought in this arena and this year again the history will be recreated will UFC 136.

This is one of the best mixed martial events held at such large scale. The Ultimate Fighting Championship has revived the traditional vale tudo events of Brazil in an exciting new fashion. These duels are meant to be extreme with full contact and no arms. The UFC daredevils, following the footstep of ancient Olympic sport Pankration, have been employing wrestling, judo, jiu jitsu, sambo, boxing and muay thai techniques in their fights. This unruly sport held in a cage is one of the most dangerous sports around. If you have what it takes, order your UFC 136 Tickets now!

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