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The mixed martial arts warfare takes an upturn with UFC 131. It is a debacle between two of the deadliest champs, who will do anything to take their opponent down. They can go to any limit to win this combat as it is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This event will be held in Vancouver at the Rogers Arena with blood and sweat in the ring. This is going to be a horrid spectacle giving you chills. The limelight of the event will be on Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos. The winning candidate will be in the face off with Cain Velasquez, the defending heavyweight champion.  These two will be headlining the event with several other fights taking place.

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About UFC 131 Vancouver Tickets

Ultimate Fighting experience began in the early nineties and since then has become one of the most popular mixed martial arts events. The UFC holds a number of different bouts depending on the weight. UFC 131 will be following the same format with heavyweight, middleweight, featherweight and lightweight competitions. This is going to be an adventurous ride with crazy fights and real honor on the line. This Ultimate Fighting Championship will be a moment of real drama. There will be raging tempers, nail biting excitement and extreme pressure on the participants. Will your man win this season? Can you handle the heat?  To find out, be at the UFC 131 fight this season with your UFC 131 Vancouver Tickets and see the best man win the battle.