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Get ready for the ultimate fight as UFC 130 is coming up soon! The match is between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard who will contest for the UFC Lightweight Championship.

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About UFC 130


UFC, The Ultimate Fighting Championship, emerged in 1993 as a quest to find the most skilled fighter in the world. This is because the genre to which this sport belongs is one of a kind and has been named as Mixed Martial Arts. There are seven weight-divisions. The fighters who are invited to take part in the UFC fights belong to various genres and disciplines like boxing, wrestling and jiu-jitsu, and are top-ranked in their fields.


Its inspiration was derived from the tournaments of vale Tudo in Brazil, Pankration, a combat sport of the ancient Olympic in 648 BC. Initially, it was a no-rules-barred game as UFC strove to find out the most effective Martial Arts methods in the context of a real fight. This became a bone of contention between the UFC and the authorities. UFC had to face a lot of criticism and political backlash. As a result, the company gradually reformed its rules and regulations, making them stricter. Hence, the rules applied now are known as the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.


Since achieving sanctioning with the State Athletic Commission, UFC’s popularity has grown in leaps and bounds. Through cable-television, it has expanded into 130 countries in Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Asia. New markets have opened up for UFC fights in the USA and Canada. It is aired by ESPN (UK) besides Spike, Versus and Ion Television. Its events are telecasted in 20 different languages worldwide.


Every time UFC arranged events around the world create a storm. This time the UFC 130 is once again bringing both Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar together at the UFC Lightweight Championship. It would be the third time they would be meeting in the UFC. Earlier in the year, both of them have met at the UFC 125: Resolution. Their fight ended in a draw and that led Edgar to retain his title.  The first time they came face to face at the UFC Fight Night: Florian vs. Lauzon, Gray Maynard won by unanimous decision. Seemingly eight rounds have not proved to be enough for these two to settle the score about who the lightweight champion is between the number one contender Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar.


Both of them will be getting five rounds more to prove who the world’s top 155 pound fighter is in mixed martial arts as they will meet at the major event of UFC 130: Edgar vs. Maynard III. It was said that their last meeting on the UFC combat floor was one of the best fights of that year. So this time around the stakes are very high because this is the third and the last time they will be meeting.


 Frankie Edgar has had two wins back-to-back over BJ Penn, the UFC legend and an unforgettable comeback against Gray Maynard at the UFC 125, which was a draw. Being a UFC Lightweight Championship, he has been able to win eight fights in the UFC. Frankie Edgar has already proven his wrestling skills with his lightning-quick boxing. Now he is completely focused on proving his mettle and score a win against Gray Maynard, who has an undefeated record. Likening it to the Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture trilogy, he wants to make this fight memorable one for his fans. Frankie Edgar wants a clear cut result and a definite winner as well as prove himself to the world that he indeed is the world’s best lightweight. On the other hand, Gray Maynard, who was on a remarkable eight-fight win streak before the draw that happened against Frankie Edgar, wants his undefeated record to keep going as well as make his dream to become a UFC lightweight champion to come true. He is an ex-three time NCAA All-American wrestler and has been in there with the best as well as defeating the best and biggest names such as Jim Miller, Roger Huerta, Kenny Florian and Dennis Siver.


UFC 130 tickets are going to be worth buying for the fans, as this fight promises a lot of excitement. The stakes are high and the players are going all in to fight for the title of the world’s best lightweight. UFC 130  is going to be worth a watch for sure!

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