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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Tickets Tickets

Held for the very first time in 1995, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is one of the three national racing championships that are held and administered by National Association for Stock Car Racing (NASCAR). Camping World Truck Series is the only championship series by NASCAR which features and allows pickup trucks that are modified, as compared to its other series which only allow stock cars. So as the stakes go higher, the action gets better; get a dose of it with NASCAR Camping World Truck Series tickets.

About NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Tickets

The history of the pickup truck racing goes all the way back to 1993 when a couple of off road truck racers who formerly raced in SCORE International, wanted race in front of a comparatively larger audience. In 1994, these racers showed off the very first prototype of pickup truck that matched the NASCAR Specifications at the Daytona 500, also in the same season, four demo races were held as well. After these four demonstration races received extreme popularity nationally, NASCAR was convinced to create a series which it named as the SuperTruck Series back in 1995.
Even though it was a newly born series at that time, still it managed to get the attention some of the top racers and team owners of that Winston Cup Series. Racers like Ernie Irvanalso, and Richard Childress showed their interest in taking part in the series, and the following year in 1996, the series emerged with a new name which was Craftsman Truck Series. Initially the series races were held around the shorter tracks that were about 125 miles and lasted for about 150 laps. However currently, mostly the races last for around 150 to 200 laps across the 250 miles of short tracks.
As far as winning the series is concerned, the series is currently dominated by the old and veteran drivers with Sprint Cup and Nation Wide Series Cup experience. But currently Cup regulars don’t race in the Truck Series, hence making way for the new novice drivers. In addition to that, NASCAR also implemented a new rule according to which any racer could only take part in one of the three championship series that are held by the NASCAR each year.
Since 1996, the Truck Series was sponsored by Craftsman but since 2008 Craftsman has stopped sponsoring the series and Camping World has bought the naming rights. Truck Series also saw the return of the Chrysler to the racing series, which withdrew its cars from the rest of the series to cut costs. Chrysler allowed Dodge to take part in the Truck Series, hence making it its first appearance since 1972. NASCAR Camping World Truck Series offers adrenaline filled action that is unlike any other. If you happen to be one of the racing enthusiasts then cheap NASCAR Camping World Truck Series are certainly for you.

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