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The cameras will roll and the fans will cheer when the ten thousand pound Monster Trucks come rolling out on the arena floor. They look ready for even the most grueling battles. The trucks with Mohawks and horns, have identities and are uniquely named. They come roaring out into the spotlight, blasting through obstacles and grinding smaller vehicles them beneath their giant tires. It’s hard to believe that these vehicles, standing at twelve feet, could be capable of any sharp maneuvers. Yet with the light weight frame set on supreme suspension, the Monster Trucks can jump and perform stunts. Their agility is put to the test when the drivers speed these truck up the ramps. The trucks packed with supercharged V-8’s and almost fifteen hundred horsepower leap over thirty feet in the air. The drivers perform stunts in these mammoth trucks, getting loud support from the fans in the stands. Get Monster Jam Worcester tickets and watch the motor sport action as it happens.

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The show features different competition for the Monster Trucks; they have a free style category, a donut competition and a truck race. The donut competition requires the Monster Trucks to turn as many complete circles as they can in the shortest time. While the freestyle, and most popular competition, allows the drivers to showcase their skills. With trucks such as Son-uva Digger, Rottweiler and Crushstation expected to feature at the Monster Jam, the show will be nothing short of thrilling. 


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