Monster Jam Wilkes Barre Tickets

The world’s biggest entertainers on four wheels i.e. the monster trucks are headed to the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in February. The 2015 touring showcase will host events tailored for the entertainment of the entire family. Fans can witness the ten thousand pounds, twelve feet tall monstrous machines tear up the field in Wilkes Barre.

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About Monster Jam Wilkes Barre Tickets


The upcoming show will feature famous Monster Jam like Backwards Bob, Grave Digger, Son-uva Digger, Crushstation, Stinger and Thrasher. Their drivers include the talented Pablo Huffaker, Ryan Anderson, Zane Rettew and Greg Winchenbach among others.


During the forthcoming two-day event, the main stars of the show will be the monster trucks. The history of the monster truck dates back to late sixties when Bob Chandler created the first monster truck of the world. He named it Bigfoot and it was a Ford F-250. Since 1975, there have been a record 21 Bigfoot trucks.


Over the years, monster trucks have gained massive popularity and regular Monster Jam events are held across the world annually. The tradition to jump over cars and crush them with monster trucks started in 1981 when Bob drove Bigfoot in front of fans in St. Louis. Since the seventies, monster trucks have established a fan base spread all over the world. Do not miss out on this year’s spectacle. Purchase Monster Jam Wilkes Barre tickets to make advance bookings for the entire family.


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