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Brace yourselves, as ten thousand pound, four-wheeled monster trucks are making their way to the Bank of Oklahoma Center in Tulsa. Residents now have the opportunity to watch monster trucks tear the racing track reaching high speeds of 155 kilometers per hour generated by a 2000 horsepower engine. This year’s monster truck event will also feature world renowned monster truck, Raminator that established the record for ‘fastest speed by a monster truck’ in 2014. Reaching to a massive 159.49 kilometers per hour, this speed was achieved by talented driver, Mark Hall from the Ram Truck brand.

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Apart from this, the Monster Jam lineup also consists of drivers, Aaron Basl, Linsey Weenk, Dawn Creten, Daron Basl, Dan Evans, Dustin Brown, Gary Porter, George Balhan, Candice Jolly, Chad Tingler, Jeff Murphy and Trey Myers, including countless others. Monster Jam is a relatively new concept as it was in the 70s that monster trucks gained popularity. Ever since the show’s beginning it has followed the same format that includes conventional races and freestyle segments. Recent show format have also included “donut” rounds and “wheelie” competitions that test the driver’s skills.


Monster trucks include Bad Habit, Illuminator, Higher Education, Ground Pounder, Double Trouble, El Toro Loco, Dragon’s Breath, Wrecking Crew, Wolverine, Tropical Thunder, The Felon, Thrasher, Thunder 4x4, Shocker and Mechanical Mischief, amongst several others. To watch the upcoming monster truck showcase live, all you need to do is buy Monster Jam Tulsa tickets without any further delay.


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