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Monster Jam continues with its 2015 tour as a series of shows will be making their way to the Idaho Center in February. Fans can become a part of a two-day special showcase that has been tailored specifically to cater to the entertainment needs of audiences of all ages. Witness the larger-than-life, colorful four-wheeled beasts as they tear down the racing track. These customized 2000 horsepower machines will have fans thrilled as the monster trucks engage in traditional races as well as freestyle competitions. America’s biggest celebrities, the monster trucks, will battle it out to determine the best of the best. Do not miss out on this adrenaline filled showcase at its makes its way to Nampa this year.

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Monster trucks rose to fame in between the late sixties and early seventies. Initially pickup trucks were heavily modified and during that time, the monster truck named ‘Bigfoot’ (driven by Bob Chandler) gained worldwide popularity. Before monster truck racing events began, monster trucks performed largely in exhibitions where they took part in drag races. It was after the formation of Monster Truck Racing Association in America, that monster truck racing became a formal sport.


Monster Jam currently ranks as the most watched and awaited live motorsports touring showcase in the world. To witness it live, along with the twelve feet high monster trucks, all you need to do is get Monster Jam Nampa tickets.


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