Monster Jam Huntsville Tickets

Get set for a riveting time at the Von Braun Center Arena in Huntsville as revved engines and monster trucks square off against each other. Monster Jam is owned by Feld Entertainment and is legalized through the orders of the United States Hot Rod Association. Over the years, the show has generated immense popularity and is currently viewed around the world. Most of the shows are held within the US with more than half the shows being held during the winters. Besides the US, monster jam shows have taken place in Australia, Costa Rica, Philippines, Europe and Mexico.

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Fan-favorite Events

Although each event can have some variations but the general format of the show remains more or less the same. ‘Pit Party’ is an all-time favorite with the fans as they get up close and personal with the drivers and their trucks. Autographs and souvenirs are highly sought during ‘Pit Party’. Other memorabilia on sale include flags, shirts and celebrity merchandise.

Test of Skills

Most of the monster jam shows have competitions between drivers that involve some version of the ‘Donut,’ ‘Wheelie’ or ‘Free Style.’ In the donut competition drivers spin their trucks for as long as they can and are then judged based on their performance. In the wheelie completion, drivers attempt jumps off a ramp. The one with the longest air time achieved is declared the winner. Finally, the freestyle competition allows each truck and driver to show off their individual skill in 90 seconds. At the end, a panel of judges decides which driver truck combination goes through in this elimination style competition. Be sure not to miss the fun; buy Monster Jam Huntsville tickets now.

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