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The Monster Jam was first started in the 1970s by the American Hot Rod Association. Earlier events featured these monstrous vehicles that were normally just town cars mounted on huge wheels and shocks. The event has come a long way since then as the vehicles being used in the modern event are all fully maintained and are technological marvels. The event is all about bare and raw power so you can expect the monster trucks in this event to be high on the horsepower.

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The Monster Jam tour includes a series of monster jam events that take place in different cities of the US all around the year. Points from these events are collated and affect the rankings and competitions in the annual Monster Jam World Series. The events always feature two main types of competitions; freestyle and racing. Freestyle events are where the drivers get to show off their skills behind the wheel as they jump over obstacles, complete seemingly impossible obstacle courses and perform dazzling tricks. The race event is a timed event where two drivers go head to head and the first to the finish line takes the prize.


The Hartford event is being held at the XL Center. Built in 1975, this complex has hosted major events like WWE’s Wrestlemania and concerts by leading musicians like Diana Ross and Elton John. The event is coming to the XL Center soon and getting your Monster Jam Hartford tickets is surely the only way to be a part of this amazing night.