Monster Jam Evansville Tickets

The monster event is here! Yes we are talking about none other but the astounding motorsport event, the Monster Jam! All you fans out there who love thrilling action can come and enjoy the giant machines as the talented drivers maneuver them to perform jaw dropping stunts. Now the event is taking place in Evansville at the Ford Center, if you want to enjoy it live get your Monster Jam Evansville tickets fast.

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About Monster Jam Evansville Tickets

Big motorsport sensation

Monster Jam is operated by Feld entertainment and these events take place all year round not only in different cities of the US but also in Europe and Canada. Over the years, the appeal of the event has grown and motor racing fans find it one of the most entertaining events where they can enjoy massive trucks competing in races and other stunts. Mostly the event includes two main competitions, the racing and freestyle stunts.

It is an amazing feat to watch huge trucks which weigh over ten thousand pounds and have tires that are over six feet tall performing tricks and stunts. The death defying stunts has the audience on the edge of their seats. The insane jumps, crushing of cars provide ultimate entertainment to the audience who cheer on as the engines roar and they get to see it all live!

Family event

Even children love to see the gigantic and colorful trucks and hence you can see many families at monster jam events. After the competition there is a “Pit Party” where fans can see the trucks and take pictures with their favorite trucks and the talented drivers. Do not miss it if you have the opportunity to experience it live.

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