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MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford will be soon roaring to life with the gigantic trucks. Monster Jam has hit the road on a national tour and will also be stopping in the city. Fans are rushing to buy Monster Jam East Rutherford tickets as they don’t want to miss this action packed event.

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In the upcoming event, some of the top monster trucks will be battling it out on the race track. Later these trucks will be given a chance to show off their skills in freestyle rounds and the crowd is treated to stunning acts like wheelies, spins and “donuts”. Freestyle segments receive the loudest cheers as it’s a thrilling experience watching huge trucks sitting atop 66 inches tires and horsepower in 1500, flying in the air and performing flips and spins. Equally exciting is the part where these trucks crush huge objects like airplanes, boats and buses.


Ambiance at the Monster Jam event is like no other. There is noise of all kinds - cheering crowd, roaring engines and crunching metal. The air is filled with the smell of fuel and fumes, and there is a constant dust cloud. It’s for these reasons that Monster Jam has also faced criticism by the environmentalists and there are some who have it called it a “destructive demonstration”.


Despite all this, Monster Jam draws in huge crowd and it’s probably the only motorsports event that witnesses attendance by families. So when the event comes to your town in March, make sure you attend it.


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Q:When can I buy Monster Jam East Rutherford tickets 2017?

A:You can buy Monster Jam East Rutherford Tickets, directly from our webpage. All you need to do is to visit our website and go to the main events page for further information about these tickets. If they are not available then leave us your contact information so that we can update you if anything changes.

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