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Monster Jam is an exciting motorsport touring event where giant trucks compete with each other on dirt tracks by crushing smaller vehicles. This is similar to everyday car crushing, except that these trucks are supervised professionally and have faster engines, safer equipment and bigger structures. Feel the thrill that the game brings in by grabbing your Monster Jam Denver tickets today.

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At the show, monster trucks have a face off in two forms of competition; Racing and Freestyle. Racing involves the traditional racing competition in which the first truck that crosses the finish line moves on to the next round. The truck who wins all the rounds receives the trophy of Championship race.


The Freestyle competition allows the drivers 90 seconds plus a 30 second bonus period to show their skills and stunts to the cheering crowd. This is one of the highlights of the show. In smaller shows, they have a wheelie and donut competition. In the wheelie section, the trucks have to hit the ramp while maintaining a perpendicular position to the ground. The donut competition brings in many jaw dropping moments as the driver is required to spin their truck until they give up.


Experience the feeling of an adrenalin rush as the competition gets unpredictable. This is a perfect way to take your family out and enjoy this splendid display of skills. The Pepsi Center in Denver is the place to be in February for Monster Jam fans.


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