Monster Jam World Finals Las Vegas Tickets

The Monster Jam World Finals are annual championships in which up to 24 individual monster trucks compete in various segments centering on racing and freestyle sequences. Involving heavily modified and oversized pickup trucks and by oversized meaning with tires as high as a person, the Monster Jam shows are held primarily in the U.S. and Canada.

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About Monster Jam World Finals Las Vegas Tickets

Organized by the United States Hot Rod Association, the Monster Jam World Finals have been held every year since 2000 and the venue has been the ‘Sam Boyd Stadium’ in Las Vegas. There is no points based system for qualifying and the drivers and their trucks, mostly hailing from the US, are all by invites only.
The participating monster trucks in Monster Jam have usually been named after comic book heroes such as Spiderman and Wolverine or embody might such as Bulldozer and Maximum Destruction.  
In the days preceding the actual events of the Monster Jam World Finals, unique gatherings termed as a “Pit Party” are held in which the qualifying trucks as well as others are displayed. Fans get a chance to meet the stars, such as the friendly Tom Meents who has won several trophies for both freestyle and racing categories over the years. 
There is something about the roar of throttling engines and the smell of burning gasoline that gets every motor junkie’s heart racing. And the Monster Jam World Finals event is like a dream come true for all those motor thrill seekers. So book your Monster Jam World Finals Las Vegas Tickets now for witnessing the ride of your life!