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Martinique will be taking on Mexico Panama once more in this year’s CONCACAF Gold Cup. This is the professional football event that takes place once every two years and brings forth the best out of the tri region area—North America, the Caribbean and most of Central America. The rules that are applicable for this year’s tournament is that any team that falls under both the CONCACAF and the FIFA will qualify for future stages in the competition. However, this rule only applies if the FIFA is not coinciding with the Gold Cup in the given year. A new rulebook has been devised which is to be applied from 2015. According to the new regulations, the two teams that have been the champions in the previous two Gold Cups will face each other off and qualify for the Confederations Cup. If it has been the same team in both the consecutive Gold Cups, then that team will automatically qualify to the next stages without having to face a playoff. In the meantime, football fans will be adhering to the same rules for the last time. Martinique vs. Mexico Panama tickets are now available and are rapidly being purchased.

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About CONCACAF Gold Cup Martinique vs Mexico Panama

This year’s Gold Cup will consist of 12 teams who will be playing in 13 host cities around the United States, who has agreed to be the host nation for the year. The competition will kick off with the Rose Bowl and continue on till the final teams meet at the “Soldier Field”. The team that rises to the top this year will get to play the champion of the 2015 Gold Cup. That will then decide who makes it through to the Confederations Cup hosted by FIFA. The same rule applies that if the same team is the champion for 2013 and 2015, then they will automatically be qualified. For the upcoming match, fans are getting their hands on cheap Martinique vs. Mexico Panama tickets so they won’t miss the faceoff.

The CONCACAF officially began in 1961 and has its first game a few years later. Before this system was established, there were other tournaments that would take place to determine the victor of the three regions. Each region was divided further into smaller divisions and matches were held to determine the champion of each division, who would play against each other until the two top teams survived, at which point the final would take place. When this method was used, Costa Rica was the biggest winner, having snagged the cup 7 times.

When the CONCACAF began, the cup has been passed on between three countries: Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Mexico, however, remains on top of the pack with the most amounts of wins. They have won 6 times, while the US has won four times. Canada has only won once, but has been the only country to cause an upset between a tournament otherwise dominated by USA and Mexico. With the Martinique vs. Mexico Panama tickets now on sale, a new champion could be crowned.

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