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Founded in 1991, the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final that is wildly anticipated by football fans around the globe is the big association football competition of men’s national football teams that are governed by CONCACAF. The latter determines the regional champion of the Caribbean, Central America, and North America, and is held once every couple of years. Since its inception, the Cup has been noted for creating a tournament as a showpiece event that crowns the regions champion. There is much hype and thrill about the many games leading up the championship, and every time tournament is around the corner, CONCACAF Gold Cup Final tickets become the most sought-after treat in town.

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About CONCACAF Gold Cup Final

CONCACAF came into its present form in 1961 following the merger of CCCF and NAFC, thus resulting in one competition held for the entire continent. The initial official competition between national teams, however, did not take place until over two years later, with El Salvador bring chosen as the first ever hosting country. With much happening between then and 1990, in terms of format change and more, the competition finally created a tournament as a showpiece event to determine one regional champion. This event was called CONCACAF Gold Cup, and the first competition was hosted by the US in 1991, and it was the country host that turned out to be the champion from among eight teams.Since the US has hosted the tournament as many as eleven times, while it has been held twice in Mexico. Also the two nations to appear most in the competition are Mexico and the US, both having made it to the finals eleven times.  
Before 2015, the Confederations Cup will not be schedules to fall in the same year as a version of FIFA Confederations Cup, highest placed team of the winner who is member of both FIFA and CONCACAF, will be qualifying for the next stage of the respective tournament. However, starting in 2015, winners of these two Gold Cups will be playing against each other in playoff in order to determine which team enters the CONCACAF for the following Confederation Cup. If it so happens that the same team win the Gold Cup on both the relevant occasions, then there will be no need to hold a playoff and that particular team will be qualifying for the sought-after Confederation Cup. This new arrangement will make the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final a whole lot more exciting.
Among the top scorers of the CONCACAF are Javier Hernandez, Miguel Sabah, Walter Centeno, Brian McBride, Carlo Corazzin, Paulo Wanchope, Eric Wynalda, Luis Roberto Alves and Benjamin Galindo. Since the start of the CONCACAF Championship, it has been won four times by the US, six times by Mexico, and just once by Canada. The runners-up include Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, Columbia, and Brazil. Football fans can only hardly wait for the series to begin, and are already rushing after cheap CONCACAF Gold Cup Final tickets, so hurry on and grab yours before they are all gone.

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