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The CONCACAF Gold Cup is a professional football tournament that takes place every two years. It determines the champion in three regions, the Caribbean, North America, and Central America. The rules that are being applied to the tournament so far is that if a team is member of both the FIFA and the CONCACAF, they were to qualify for the future stages, given that the Gold Cup was not in the same year as the FIFA. A new set of rules will be applied come 2015, which would be that the winners of two consecutive Gold Cups will play against each other to determine who makes it through to the Confederations Cup. If the same team has won in the consecutive years, then they automatically qualify without a playoff. Football fans are in for a treat as Cuba vs. Belize United States tickets go on sale to see which team will qualify.

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Before there was a CONCACAF in 1961, there were a number of other tournaments that prevailed to choose the victor among the three regions. This was done by dividing each into smaller regions. These were called divisions. Two mediating bodies existed then; one was the CCCF which would control Central America and the Caribbean, and the NAFC which would consist of North American teams. Together, they would organize 10 championships. The biggest winner of this time was Costa Rica, who took the cup seven times.
The CONCACAF was then formed in 1961, and now only one tournament was held which would choose the champion of the entire continent. The first playoff was held two years after the association’s formation, and El Salvador was the hosting country. This too was then held every two years, which carried on till 1971. The second championship was hosted by Guatemala where Mexico rose as the winner. In 1967, the tournament was held at Honduras, and Guatemala became the champion. The cup was passed between these two counties and Costa Rica until 1973 when the games were held in the Caribbean for the first time, in Trinidad. Here, Haiti won the championship, breaking the cycle.
It was in 1990 that a new tournament was arranged to choose the champion of the tournament. This was called the CONCACAF Gold Cup. The United States hosted the first championship here and invited eight teams to play. Mexico won most of the games from here on out, even winning three cups in a row. In 2000, the number of teams was increased to 12 with players from Brazil and Canada also being invited to join. Canada ended up as the victor which was a first in nearly 100 years. In 2007, the games took place in the United States once more where the host country beat Mexico and took the trophy. Still, Mexico remains the top champion with 6 wins, followed by the US with four and one win by Canada. Another notable team to have come far is Brazil. To see who the next winner will be, get Cuba vs. Belize United States tickets.

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