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The awaited CONCACAF Gold Cup, which is men’s association football competition between national football teams, happens only once in two years and is here now. Among its many exciting games that eventually determine the regional champion from among the regions comprising of the Caribbean, North America and Central America, is the Costa Rica vs Cuba Belize event. Since the two teams are ranks apart in terms of making to CONCACAFs final rounds, games between them create quite the thrill, which is why Costa Rica vs Cuba Belize tickets are the raging topic of town talk among football enthusiasts these days.

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About CONCACAF Gold Cup Costa Rica vs Cuba Belize

Costa Rica team that has been nicknamed La Sele has been noted for being the third most winning team of the tournament after the US and Mexico. It is also the best team in Central America since it has qualified for the World Cup thrice, including qualification for the last sixteen during their debut in 1990 in Italy. In 2006, it entered the World Cup, held in Germany, which to date was their worst World Cup in which they finished at second place from the bottom. The team qualified for the Final Round of CONCACAF in both, the qualification final round of 2002 World Cup, and the World Cup Final Round of 1990. The team has been a champion of the CONCACAF in 1963, 1969 and 1989, while it has also won the famous UNCAF Nations Cup as many as seven times. In addition, the nation has also been part of four Copa America tournaments, entering the quarter finals in 2004 and 2001.

Belize national football team only recently kicked its highest ever score in FIFA, making it the rank of one hundred and twenty-eighth on the globe. Controlled by Football Federation of Belize, the team is nicknames The Jaguars. Though Belize won independence from the UK in 1980, as did many of UK’s other colonies, it did not participate in international football games until 1995. The team debuted at the UNCAF Nations Cup in 1995 but was out in the very first round following their defeat from Costa Rica and El Salvador.

Though considered to be least successful team of the Central American region as per the assessments of FIFA, the team is expected to jump up with all its potential. So far its biggest win was in a game with Nicaragua while its biggest defeat was with San Jose, Mexico, Monterrey and Costa Rica, twice. The game between Costa Rica and Cuba Belize is thus going to be particularly interesting given the energy between the defeated and defeating. From the current squad of the Belize team, the most prominent include Woodrow West, Ian Gaynair, Elnor Smith and Dalton Eiley. The upcoming Costa Rica vs Cuba Belize game is one not to be missed with its neck-to-neck, tight competition, so grab some cheap Costa Rica vs Cuba Belize tickets and be there to cheer for your favorite team.

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