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The HSBC Tennis Cup presented by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is taking place in the city of Los Angeles within the state of California soon. This is one of the spectacular matches that are part of the HSBC Tennis Cup and part of overall Champions Series tennis. In fact, this event is pretty much one of the biggest upcoming events in the world of tennis, an event that has also been highly anticipated for some time now. This incredible event feature four of the greatest tennis champions, all of them having been world Number One players in three matches that will be played to decided the eventual winner. Thus, all fans of awesome tennis should quickly get hold of HSBC Tennis Cup tickets and go watch this match live in Los Angeles, California.

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About Hsbc Tennis Cup

The incredible HSBC Tennis Cup features four World Number One tennis champions. These are Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, John McEnroe and Pete Sampras. Each of them has World Number One at one time or another and has bagged numerous other championships. Each of these players is considered as one of the greatest tennis players ever; four of them at one place will result in a clash of tennis titans and a tennis battle the likes of which the city of Los Angeles has never seen before. Thus, this is the most incredible tennis event that is taking place in this city, a must see live for all tennis fans in this city or for whom this city is easily accessible.
This event has the following schedule; it will start of with a VIP Sponsor Clinic featuring with Andre Agassi and Jim Courier, followed by yet another VIP Sponsor Clinic, this time featuring Pete Sampras and John McEnroe. This will be followed up with a VIP Cocktail Party that will feature all the tennis players who are part of this HSBC Tennis Cup. After this, the event will start and the first semi final match will take place, followed by the next semi final. Lastly, the finals will take place and will be made up of an eight game pro set match.
The event itself will take place at the renowned Staples Center located at 1111 South Figueroa Street in the city of Los Angeles within the wider state of California. The Staples Center is one of the best known venues in this city and state, having played host to some of the most amazing sports games and concerts by America's greatest artists. In sports, seven NBA Finals series, the 2000 Democratic National Convention, three WNBA Finals, the 2002 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, two NBA All-Star Games (2004, 2011), the Pacific-10 Conference Men's Basketball Tournament, the 52nd NHL All Star game, the WTA Tour Championships (2002 to 2005), UFC 60, UFC 104 and 2009’s World Figure Skating Championships amongst other events have taken place. Artists like Bruce Springsteen, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Taylor Swift have performed here.
All in all, the coveted HSBC Tennis Cup taking place at the Staples Center and featuring four tennis championships who have been the World Number One tennis players at one time is the greatest tennis event the city of Los Angeles will be seeing. Thus, this is an event that must be seen by tennis fans live, through HSBC Tennis Cup tickets
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