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Tennis lovers are all prepared to enjoy the BNP Tennis Showdown. The exhibition is held at every year during February or Match in New York. This one-night tennis event attracts hundreds of people from all over the place. The show is usually takes place at the famous Madison Square Garden situated in Manhattan. Since 2008, this amazing tennis event has been entertaining tennis lovers in a great way. Players as well as spectators equally look forward for the show each year. Officially named as the BNP Paribas Showdown, the game is played for Billie Jean King Cup. The format of the show is very simple. It’s a single elimination game that is played with four players who compete in 1 set game without any ad scoring semifinal. The winners advance in the best-of-three selection for final with the regular scoring. This highly anticipated show is the primary game of that sets the mood for the upcoming tennis season in North America each season. The show is a part of Tennis Night in America which is a famous initiative at the grassroots in United States Tennis Association.

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The tournament used to be famous as NetJets Showdown during 200. The event was faced by Pete Sampras and Roger Federer in that year. Fans still remember the amazing games of that season. Fans of Roger Federer are especially always very excited to attend this event. During 2009 and then in 2010, the event was named as Billie Jean King Cup. The name was given to the show in honor of retired player, Billie Jean King. She tournament was named for a female, therefore in that year, it featured four women's singles winners from Grand Slam from the earlier year. During 2011, the show was named its current names and it featured 4 players who were all American legends of tennis, such as, Ivan Lendl, Andre Agassi, John McEnroe as well as Pete Sampras.

Played on hard indoor surface, the show is a 4 team draw.  Games from 2009 and 2010 have been very entertaining for fans. In 2009, Serena Williams was the champion with Venus Williams as runner up. Exciting scores of 6–4 and 6–3 were very much appreciated by fans of Serena Williams that season. 2010 was also a great year for the tournament when Venus Williams claimed victory against Kim Clijsters with 6–4, 3–6 and 7–5. For the past five years, the BNP Tennis Showdown has done many commendable jobs including the once in a lifetime chance of enjoying Grand Slam champions Roger Federer, Roy Emerson and Pete Sampras in one show.

The game has paid tribute to the famous player Billie Jean King by the President Bill Clinton as well as unveiled the Billie Jean King Cup. The show has also set record for the highest one night presence of 19,690, for tennis audience in the MSG history. The tournament created the Tennis Night in America and also made Grammy award winner R&B artist, Gloria Gaynor perform at the show. Missing out on such an amazing show is definitely out of question for tennis lovers. To enjoy this kick starter event for tennis season, all you have to do is book your BNP Tennis Showdown New York tickets as soon as you can. If you act fast there are chances that you will get some cheap BNP Tennis Showdown New York tickets as well. So get your share today!

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