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Tennis is an immensely popular global spectator sport that is enjoyed by millions of recreational players. It is played between two individuals (singles) or between teams of two players (doubles). The two players stand in opposing courts with a net in between. The players use a racket to hit a rubber ball over the net into the challenger’s square. The game is an Olympic sport and is followed by fans worldwide. Acquiring tennis tickets can lead to an exciting experience for fans and audiences to catch the game live in action.
The game initiated in Birmingham, England during late nineteenth century. The sport initially was famous amongst elite English speaking people before its worldwide appeal. Since 1890s, the laws of the sports did not change except for a couple of rules regarding server’s foot placement and tiebreakers. International Tennis Federation (ITF) that was formed in 1913 governs the tennis sports at international level.
The four Grand Slam tournaments are the most popular tournaments and are usually referred as the “Majors.” The tournaments include the Australian Open (Hard Courts), US Open (Hard Courts), Wimbledon (Grass Courts), and French Open (Red Clay Courts).
The sport has produced high-class athletes that have become idols of millions all over the globe. The players are not paid wages, but make money through ending up at top spots in various tournaments. The players also enjoy benefits such as endorsements, equipments and apparels that are sponsored by companies. Some of the greatest male and female players include Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Serena Williams, Margaret Court and Steffi Graph.

The game itself follows a pattern of sets. The player is awarded fifteen points for scoring the first two times. The third score leads to forty points and if the player manages to score the fourth time, he/she wins a set. The game is won by winning a relatively greater number of sets as compared to the opponent.  By getting cheap tennis tickets, the audience can watch the game point by point for an enthralling ‘edge of the seat’ entertainment.

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