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USA National Rugby is the US's national team that represents the country in union rugby. Nicknamed the Eagles, the US team has competed in many tournaments and has won many championships. Mike Tolkin is the team's head coach and Todd Clever captains the side. Mike MacDonald holds the record for the most caps at sixty seven while Mike Hercus is the team's top scorer, having scored an impressive four hundred and sixty times. Vaea Antoni holds the record for the most tries, at twenty six, and is one of several players to be seen playing live after ordering USA National Rugby tickets.

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The first international match played by the USA National Rugby team was against the Australian national rugby team in 1912. The US team's largest victory margin was against Barbados in 2006, a game which they won with a score of 91–0. Since 1987, the team has played in six Rugby World Cups and has won the event three times. The team made its first World Cup appearance in the 1987 tournament and more recently, the Eagles participated in the 2003 and 2011 editions. Considered one of the toughest teams in international rugby today, the Eagles are current reigning Olympic champions in the sport, and have won gold twice in the Summer Olympics.


Overall, the USA National Rugby team is ranked in the top twenty in the world as per the IRB World Rankings. They have played in all but one Rugby World Cup and plan to host the tournament in 2023 or 2027. The Eagles have also played in the Churchill Cup and the Pan American Championship. In 2012, the US team began a series of friendly matches with other national rugby teams and in 2013 started playing in the IRB Pacific Nations Cup against countries such as Canada, Japan, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. The USA National Rugby team traces its roots back to middle of the nineteenth century when British immigrants began playing the game in the formal rugby union style. This began as early as 1872, with the San Francisco Bay Area particularly notable for housing many rugby clubs. One of the first popular matches saw a rugby team representing California playing against British immigrants who had formed the Phoenix Rugby Club of San Francisco.


Amongst universities, the first rugby game was recorded between Canada's McGill University and Harvard University, which took place in 1874. Union rugby would go on to inspire American football, which was first played in the shape of the Intercollegiate Football Association between Yale University, Princeton University, Harvard University and Columbia University.


At the start of the twentieth century, a national team representing the US played against Australia in 1912. Today, a reincarnation of the same team has proven itself as one of the toughest on the planet. In 2010, they participated in the Churchill Cup and defeated the Russian national rugby team. Near the end of the year, they also played in a series of test matches which saw them defeat Portugal. In 2011, they defeated Russia again, in what was to be the final Churchill Cup. The team then took part in the Rugby World Cup, during which they defeated Russia's national rugby team.


Their toughest rivalry is with Canada, who they have faced many times, both at home and away. The team has won two Olympic Gold Medals and two Churchill Bowl Championships. They have also been runners–up five times in the Churchill Cup and Bowl, and have emerged as the runners–up once in the Super Cup. As the current reigning Olympic rugby champions, they are one of the teams to watch, and you can do that by buying USA National Rugby tickets.




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