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The success of three major Provincial Rugby Unions named British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec led to the formation of Canadian Rugby Union otherwise called Rugby Canada in 1974. Between 1914 and 1919, the rugby sport lost thrust in Canada due to the increased war efforts. However, in the post-war period, many people rejoined the rugby clubs to keep the spirit of the game alive. In 1919, the Canadian team even battled overseas against the teams from New Zealand, Australia and England. The Canadian Rugby Union had always encouraged the team to battle at the international level and hence formed National Junior Team of Canada in 1982 to give shape to its dream. The first match of rugby union was played against the Japanese Junior Side. After gaining victory over the Japanese team and England Colts, Rugby Canada was inducted into the FIRA/IRFB World Youth Championship.

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Rugby Canada offers Men’s and Women’s National Programs that are targeted at people in different age brackets. The programs such as Under 19, Under 21 and Under 23 encourage the young players to take part in the sport. Today, the success of the game is mainly determined by the young athletes who largely constitute the team. The participation of men and women of different age brackets has resulted in the rapid acceptance of Junior Rugby on an international scale. The growth trend is also visible from the huge demand of Rugby Canada tickets.

Rugby Canada displays a supportive attitude towards the formation of women rugby team.  The Canadian women initially began to play rugby in the 1970s. It was in 1983 when the championships began to be held at the provincial level and later, in 1987, these championships were raised to the national level.  The first international contest of the women’s rugby was played in Victoria in 1987 after which they have continued to participate in several international matches including the World Cups. The Canadian Rugby Union has played in five IRB Rugby World Cups since its inception. If you are looking for some action filled entertainment experience, get your hands on cheap Rugby Canada tickets without putting strain on your wallet. 

The rugby sport was first introduced in Canada during the 1860’s and its rapid acceptance is attributed to the growing number of immigrants and members of Royal Navy in Esquimalt and Halifax. In 1864, Trinity College in Toronto defined the rules of the game and the first Canadian rugby match was also recorded in the same year. The sport gained momentum with the introduction of the British Columbia Rugby Union in 1889 and he Maritime Provinces Rugby Union in 1990. Initially, the rugby matches were usually held in Ontario and Quebec but now the sport has gained popularity in many Canadian states despite the harsh climate and low population density.

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