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Rugby is a type of the famous game of football which has been given its name after the Rugby School which is located in the United Kingdom. This game is most significantly featured in two up to date sports namely the rugby union and the rugby league. During the 19th century, the fantastic sport of Rugby was played in numerous English public schools. It was also a form of football which was played at the Rugby School.
Rugby is an amateur as well as a professional sporting game. This incredible game is subjugated by the initial tier unions namely England, New Zealand, Wales, Argentina, France, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, and Italy. The subsequent and third tier unions comprise of Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Namibia, Canada, Portugal, Spain, the United States of America, Georgia, Tonga, Japan, Romania, Fiji, and Samoa. The Rugby Union is managed and directed by the International Rugby Board (IRB). The headquarters of the International Rugby Board (IRB) are situated in Dublin in Ireland. In New Zealand, Wales, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Madagascar and South Africa, Rugby is the national sport. Rugby is also extremely popular in these countries on a global level. The form of Rugby played in these countries is with a seven-a-side adaptation of the sport which is commonly called the Rugby Sevens. The Rugby Sevens has also been introduced in the Olympic Games of 2016 from Rio de Janeiro. There is likelihood that the Olympic Games of 2012 which will be hosted in London will also feature the Rugby Sevens.
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