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Based in Pueblo, Colorado, PBR Professional Bull Riders is a well-known international bull riding organization, events hosted by which are televised on NBS Sports Network, NBC, YouTube, CBS Sports Network and CBS. The event’s competitions have been the source of the most anticipated mind-blowing, breathtaking form of entertainment among fans of this extraordinary sport that gathers more than eight hundred cowboys from all over Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and the US. Though these countries hold their own individual PBR tours, money collected from these is taken to count towards the United States’ qualifier standings as well as the awaited PBR World Finals. Professional Bull Riders tickets are a huge deal among bull riding fans who enjoy the rugged sport and look forward to being there from the time the dust stirs up till it settles.

About Pbr Professional Bull Riders

PBR Professional Bull Riders organization was formed in 1992 by twenty-one professional bull riders that gathered to contribute a thousand dollars each at a Scottsdale Arizona hotel. Since then, the organization has expanded to featuring four tours that cumulatively stage more than three hundred events all over the world, every year. Intriguingly, the prize money for the competition has rocketed up from two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars in 1994 to more than eleven million in 2008. It premier tour, known as Built Ford Tough Series, comprises of thirty-one events held annually, all across the country.
Pulsating music, pyrotechnics and heart-racing special effects are used to kick-start the events, each of which features thirty world’s best riders, with ten additional alternates. The season reaches its peak moments at the PBR World Finals held in Las Vegas. The event’s popularity has gone up more than fifty percent since 2002. In 2004, as many as over sixteen million fans were either attending or watching PBR, and by 2008, the number has multiplied to including more than a hundred million watching the event on TV and nearly two million attending the PBR tickets event.
The thrill of PBR Professional Bull Riders competition rests in the challenge of staying on the bucking bull for about eight seconds, during which time various riders are judged on the performance of the rider as well as the bull, by two judges marking the rider’s score and two marking that of the bull. By the completion of each event, fifteen best riders are chosen to compete in what is known as the short go or short round, where the rider with the top most total score from the whole event is announced as the winner.  Since 2007, the event has also hosted a team competition format known as the PBR World Cup, in which twenty-five bull riders, representing five different countries, compete in order to come out as the world’s best bull riders. Some of the recent PBR World Champions include Silvano Alves, Renato Nunes, Kody Lostroh, Guilherme Marchi, Justin McBride, Adriano Moraes, Mike Lee, and Chris Shivers. Grab some PBR Professional Bull Riders tickets, put on you cowboy hats and be there to cheer for the brave bull riders.


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