PBR Professional Bull Riders Seattle Tickets

The ‘Emerald City’ cannot contain its excitement as the city of Seattle, Washington will play host to the Professional Bull Riding (PBR) event. The Key Arena will serve as the venue when the big names in professional bull riding saddle up to ride some of the most wild and vicious bulls from around the country.

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About PBR Professional Bull Riders Seattle Tickets


The world renowned event will feature bull riders from North America as well as from other countries like Australia and Brazil. Make sure that you book your seat for this highly anticipated sporting event. Watch these bull riders do whatever they can to hold on and take home the winning prize.


Bull riding has been a proud tradition and its roots can be traced back to early ranchers in North America. Following years of unsanctioned bull riding contests, rodeos and Old West shows, a group of bull riders finally came together to form the PBR. Founded during the early nineties, the Professional Bull Riders, Inc. (PBR) started in Scottsdale, Arizona when twenty one professional bull riders came together to form an organization that would promote the sport all around the United States.


Each of the founders contributed one thousand dollars to the cause and helped PBR achieve not only national but global success. The organization has more than 800 members worldwide from countries like Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Australia. So hurry up and grab your PBR Seattle tickets right away to catch the thrilling action live from the stands.