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Professional Bull Riders (PBR) is ready to deliver big thrills at the Tuacahn Amphitheatre and Centre for the Arts. Featuring raw sport merged with entertainment, PBR is not just about roping calves, chasing barrels and bull riding. The competition shouts survival loud and clear and the first rule is to stay alive. Preparations are in full swing at the Tuacahn Amphitheatre as the main stage will be covered in dust to welcome bulls and their riders. PBR Ivins tickets are now available for the upcoming events.

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About PBR Professional Bull Riders Ivins Tickets


PBR was formed in 1992 by 20 bull riders who were looking to break free from traditional rodeo. They wanted to introduce bull riding as a standalone sport and bring it into the mainstream. The founding riders made personal investments and in just few years saw returns coming. PBR has today become an immensely popular sport, enjoyed worldwide by countless fans.  


Bull riding is a dangerous sport and the eight seconds that the rider stays on top of a 1,800-pound bucking bull can cost him his life. Performance is judged by a panel who gives score out of 100, in which the rider and bull are judged individually on a scale of 50. According to the bull rider Carrson Hiatt, it’s very difficult to get the perfect score in PBR and so far only one rider, Wade Leslie managed it in 1991.


Some of the best bull riders in the world will soon be battling it out in Ivins and the fans can expect a thrilling, nail-biting experience.