Bulls, angry and tough as they look, especially if untamed and raw, appear as one of the fiercest animals around. To ride them is not easy, but this fact is what makes Bull Riding adventurous and interesting for fans as well as for professionals. PBR Professional Bull Riders brings you the thrill and excitement of this sport in its true spirit.

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Pueblo, Colorado is home for this organization, named as PBR or Professional Bull Riders Inc.  It is an international organization that organizes Bull Riding competitions across country. The shows are for distant viewers on television channels, including NBC, CBS and Fox and Versus. Membership for PBR is open to professional bull riders only, and at present more than 800 cowboys are members of this organization. Members belong to various parts of the world, including Canada, U.S, Mexico, Brazil and Australia. The company was founded in 1992 and has more than 45 cowboys in its highest ranked tour.

In 1992-21 professional bull riders met up and decided to begin a project where Bull Riding competitions would be arranged on a professional level. Each of them contributed $1000 only and with a small initial budget of $21000, this venture was initiated. With the passage of time, the organization grew bigger both in terms of finances and in number of events, and in recent years more than 300 competitions are organized across the world. Events are arranged in four different tours, each having a scheduled number of competitions. In its initial years, prize money used to be around $250,000 as in 1994, which has increased to about $11 million in 2008.

One of the signature events of Professional Bull Riders every year is the Built Ford Tough Series, sponsored by the famous car manufacturer Ford. The event is well awaited by fans who appreciate the thrill of bull riding, and comprises of 31 events in each tour every year. Venues for this competition are spread across the country. Built Ford Tough Series is known for the dramatic effects of the show, opening with great exhibition of fire and lights, accompanied by loud music and special effects that create an atmosphere unmatched by any other events around. This tour features 40 of the top most bull riders in the world every year, and is organized in form of a competition.

The game play for Bull Riding revolves around the capability of a rider to stay on bull’s back without losing control. The rider has to stay on back of a bucking bull for more than eight seconds, and keep himself from falling off the bull. The scoring system involves performance of both bull as well as the rider. There are two judges scoring for the bull’s performance, while two other judges score for the rider’s performance. After initial elimination rounds, only 15 riders are short listed for the final round. They compete in the finals, or short go round, after which the winner is decided based upon the performance record of the rider. The rider with maximum score is declared as the winner on competition.

With evolution of the game in recent years, a new format of game play has been introduced. A team based competition, called the Bull Riding World Cup has been introduced in 2007, where there is a competition among teams of 25 bull riders. Each team tries to compete and win the title of best bull riders in the nation.


With the passage of time, the organization has become a huge commercial success. Number of viewers has grown larger and larger with every passing year, and between 2002 and 2004 the viewership has increased about 51.93 percent. 16.4 million fans attended or watched a PBR event alone in the year of 2004, which increased further to 100 million TV viewers in 2008 and 1.7 million attendees.

Pro Bull Rider is the name of PBR’s magazine which comes 6 times a year. Richard Bernard stayed as CEO of PBR since 1995 until recently when he left it for a position at Indy Racing League. With so many exciting competitions and thrilling shows, PBR Professional Bull Riders Billings tickets promise you entertainment of a lifetime. 


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